First Family singers and musicians have several opportunities to use the talents God has given them, for His glory.

Sanctuary Choir

The Sanctuary Choir leads our congregation in worship during the Sunday morning worship services. This group is made up of adults and youth, and meets for rehearsal in the choir room at 7:30PM on Wednesday evenings after the Prayer Service.

Senior Adult Choir

The Senior Adult Choir meets for rehearsal on Tuesday mornings at 10:00am, in the choir room. This group is for senior saints and it is a place where they can fellowship and sing together.


For those whom God has blessed with the talent to play a musical instrument, we have an instrumental group that meets at 9:15am in the main auditorium on Sundays before the Sunday School. This group plays instrumental arrangements and accompanies the choir and congregation during the worship services. 


Our church provides opportunities where children can learn to love and praise God through music. We have a pre-school choir and a children's choir that meets on Wednesday evenings during the school year.