Our middle and high school youth find a place of love and security every Wednesday evening in the multi-purpose building. This begins with a time of praise and worship and then a study of God’s word. Our youth participate in fun activities such as skating and bowling; and just hanging out with other Christian youth.  

On Sundays...Sunday School 9:45 

On Wednesdays...Youth worship 6:30


Sunday School Groups

The high school and middle school classes meet every Sunday morning at 9:45 and are led by adult workers who have a desire to see their students know Christ and grow in Him. They dive into God's Word every morning to answer the many questions that our youth have today. They incorporate application into the lesson to help students engage the truth of God's Word into their lives.

Wednesday Worship

Our youth and college classes come together in the multi-purpose building. We start our service with a time of praise and worship. A combination of message, interaction, and activity brings together the point from God's Word and ways to apply it to our youth's lives.